Money Heat Online Slot by Ainsworth

Money Heat Online Slot by Ainsworth

Len Ainsworth is a big name in the online casino industry, and it is not hard to see why. Ainsworth is behind the giant gambling slot machine developer Aristocrat, which has dominated the slot world for years. The success of this venture has made Les Ainsworth a billionaire, and today it is easy to find an Aristocrat slot game while browsing online. Artistocrat is based in Australia, but offices can now be found around the world, including The United States, and The United Kingdom.

Players looking for a money heat online slot by Ainsworth will not have to look long before finding the right kind of slot. Multiple websites host games created by Aristocrat, and many of the slots available online have the same feel as the live slots the company once created.

Playing Money Heat Online Slot by Ainsworth

While being one of the lesser games known online, Money Heat is still well known within Australia.  The game features all the classic features of most Aristocrat games, and includes some visually stunning animations, complete with fire and money. Money Heat is a 5 reel, 50 payline online slot with many different customisation options.

Players are able to find free versions of Money Heat Online Slot by Ainsworth online, although the game can be played for real money. Seasoned players will be able to play the game straight away, as the gameplay is similar to most online slots. Choosing the betting amount, the active paylines, and autoplay are all possible. As the reels spin and come to a stop, certain combinations allow for winnings to be made. The amount that can be won is altered by how much is bet and how many paylines are active. Money Heat online slot by Ainsworth is a simple and fun game to learn that will keep many entertained for hours.

Money Heat Online Slot by Ainsworth Free Spins

While playing the regular base game of Money Heat online slot by Ainsworth, it is possible for the player to earn a number of free spins. These free spins begin automatically, and the free rounds will continue to run until there are none left. All combinations and bonuses associated with the base game are possible to learn during the free spins rounds.

In order to receive these free spins in the first place, players will need to land special symbols called scatters. In the game, these symbols are represented as golden coins, and will land at random as the game is played. Once three or more of these scatter symbols land across the reels, the free spins will be awarded to the player. If, during the free spins rounds, the players manages to land the same scatter symbols again, a further five free spins are given to the player.

Money Heat Online Slot by Ainsworth in Conclusion

For lovers of the new Aristocrat slots games, Money Heat online slot by Ainsworth will be a must play. Especially for those players who are not based within Australia.

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