Carneval Keeps Spinning All Night

The partying happens in the street and often lasts all night. The revelry of the Carnaval is an historic event which has been going on for many years.

The Carnaval in Rio is one of the most sought after parties in the world. Every year people dress up in bright clothes and wear beads around their necks which they barter for various kinds of drinks.

Carnaval the slot is all about the bright colours, party hats and feather boas that have become iconic to the weeklong party in Rio. This slot has only nine paylines over five reels, and a budget that suits all types of players. The lowest you can bet is 0.25 with a high roller wager of 45 coins per spin. Carnaval is a game that may not appeal to every payer as it is very simple and lacks any kind of special features. This game is all about pure spinning reels, so if you enjoy simplicity this game may appeal to you.

Special Symbols

Carnaval has no special features as such, but does have a wild symbol and a scatter symbol. Both of these are represented by their respective words done up with either feathers in the background or intricate patterns. The wild can replace all other symbols in the game except for the scatter.

The scatter does not launch any free spins, but will pay out scatter wins no matter where it is found on the reels.

Very Bright Slots Play

Carnaval is first and foremost a very bright slot. The colours are eye catching and involve lots of primaries and neon’s. The overall colour of the slot is a pink-purple that helps all of the other colours to stand out. In the olden days of computers this colour would have been called magenta.

There is no background to the reels, other than a flat magenta. The reels themselves are outlines with the type of flashing lights that one might expect to see around a carnival ticket booth. All of the symbols and the detail are done in a flat, cartoon like style. On the sides of the reels are the line numbers done in bright colours, each one being a different colour to the next. The games name stands out proudly at the top of the screen in a yellowy gold.

Happy Symbols

The symbols in Carnaval are taken from the theme of the online pokies NZ game. The very basic ones however are from a deck of poker cards. These have had a makeover and are all in different colours which match the line numbers to the side of the reels. Each one has a different pattern overlay and lights around the edges in the same way that the reels have lights. These poker card symbols are worth up to 150 coins for five of them in a row.

The theme based symbols include things such as clowns, a trumpet, a banner and a pretty lady with a feather headdress. The top paying symbol in the game is the games logo.  This is also the icon that can grant you the games standing jackpot of 5000 coins if you manage to find five of them in a row on a payline from left to right