Below we have listed examples of prices of our design. Please note that this is only an estimate price and it may vary depends on the project and your needs. We offer 100% back money guarantee in case you are not fully satisfied with our project. On top of that, you will get unlimited revisions and lifetime support.


Basic Project

Basic project is created after the first contact from you. It will give you an overview of how will your site look when you will decide to hire us. At this point, there is still plenty of time left for revisions and updates. A basic project will basically give you first look and feel on how your new site may look like.

Starts from: €100

Blog Project

If you are a blog owner you need to do everything you can to stand out from the crowd. It’s not all about kick-ass content but also about great look of your website. We can prepare your new design in 7 days and our project is ready to use. We will also help you with implementation and server updated.

Starts from: €700

Personal Website Project

If you are looking to extend your visibility on the internet, you may want to start with the personal website. We will help you to create a unique website that will suit you and your needs. You will not have to worry about anything, we will help you along the whole process.

Starts from: €500

E-commerce Project

If you are already on the online market for a while or if you are just starting it’s a good idea to polish your new site. We offer custom solutions for online stores that will attract more customers. As an extra we will create customized check out page for you, that will allow you to decrease the number of leaving customers.

Starts from: €1500

Custom Designs (Logo, Newsletters, Bussines Cards etc.)

If you are running your business also offline we will help you with creating a logo for your store or business cards that you can use at the meetings. Logo and cards will match the design of your website, that’s why it will be easier for your customers to identify with your brand.

Starts from: €50

Custom Pictures for the website

If you need custom photos for your blog posts or for the products in your online store, our team is here to help you. We will first do a research to make sure what you are looking for. After that our group of designers will create custom graphics or photos for you.

Starts from: €5/photo